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12000 Mercedes owners told where to go, but not in their Mercedes

05 Mar 2018

Chris Bass, Editor of the Mercedes Benz Club Gazette is a bit of a regular it seems at Café Class and was so impressed that he thought to advise 12,000 Mercedes owners where to eat:

Woking is not the most pre-possessing of Surrey towns and its town centre is probably not its best feature. But hidden away in a rather run-down street, conveniently opposite the railway station is this delicatessen, café, and restaurant that offers the very best in authentic Italian cuisine. Its star turn is dinner. There is no menu - the friendly and well-informed staff bring you a seemingly never-ending supply of antipasti. Just when you think you are going to burst they announce the pasta course. That is followed by the meat course-usually a variety of different dishes, and then there is a delightful selection of home-made sweets.

This might not be as surprising as it sounds as Woking has had a significant Italian population since the early 1950s when many families came over to work at the market gardens then occupying the land that is now home to McLaren. 

Driving and parking in Woking is not enjoyable, even in a Mercedes, so it might be best to go to Cafe Class by train then you will also be able to enjoy its comprehensive selection of Italian beers and wines.

You can read the full article here and get an abridged copy of the Gazette here  page 36!